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Canon XA15 Professional Camcorder with Free Accessory Bundle

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Canon XA40 4K UHD Pro Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom Lens

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Canon XA15 Professional Camcorder with HDMI terminal and an HD-SDI interface

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About Canon XA15

Canon XA15 Professional Camcorder

For fast performance in both capture and transmission, excellent for the dynamic world of Electronic News Gathering (ENG) as well as journalistic, documentary, corporate and higher education video production, look no further than the XA15 Professional Camcorder.

Featuring an advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor, a powerful DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor and a phenomenal 20x High Definition optical zoom lens, the XA15 camcorder captures expansive, high-quality Full HD video. Its HD/SD-SDI terminal lets it quickly and reliably transmit uncompressed video with timecode and audio embedded directly to broadcast vans and workstations. Combining a lightweight design, a 1.56 million dot electronic viewfinder and a 3.0-inch capacitive touch panel LCD, the XA15 is comfortable to operate for extended periods of time and in numerous environments.

When there’s no telling what or where the next story will be, the XA15 is ready to go. A remarkably versatile, powerful and compact camcorder, it delivers the quality, speed and connectivity to drive a 24-hour news workflow.

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Genuine Canon 20x High Definition Optical Zoom Lens

The XA15 Professional Camcorder features a Genuine Canon 20x HD Zoom Lens that provides a highly versatile zoom range with 35mm equivalent of 26.8–576mm, and a minimum object distance of just 23.6 inches (60cm) to help capture powerful recordings near and far. The impressive image quality is enhanced by an 8-blade Circular Aperture design, which helps to avoid the “starburst” effect of point light sources in non-circular aperture designs. Out-of-focus areas are smooth, natural and appealing. An endless-type focus and zoom control includes user-programmable direction and sensitivity modes. Zoom speed can be set to either a variable or constant (with 16 levels) speed setting, with Fast, Normal or Slow zoom speed levels.

Advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor with Impressive Low-light Performance

For incredibly sharp and detailed high-definition video recording, the XA15 Professional Camcorder features a 1/2.84-inch, 2.91 Megapixel HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor that captures approximately 2136×1362 pixels. Thanks to the sensor’s high sensitivity, the XA15 helps provide vivid, accurate recording through an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

Superb Low-light Performance

Featuring a low-luminance noise rating of +3 dB, the XA15 Professional Camcorder is able to capture clear, sharp images with incredible detail even in low light.

HD/SD-SDI Output

The XA15 Professional Camcorder amplifies convenience with an HD/SD-SDI terminal, whether streaming directly to a broadcast van or connecting to a recorder to make high-quality video recordings for archiving purposes. Designed for professional broadcast use, HD/SD-SDI output provides an uncompressed signal at a 1920×1080 resolution with 4:2:2 color sampling and embedded audio and time code.

Full HD 1920×1080 Recording Capabilities

Multiple recording modes, resolutions and frame rates make the XA15 Professional Camcorder creatively flexible and adaptable to virtually any production environment. It can record in Full HD resolution in both AVCHD and MP4 recording codecs, at multiple bit rates, and even simultaneously.

Simultaneous HD- and Web-version Dual Recording

Dual Recording offers format choices that are useful for various post-capture options. The DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor and dual SD card slots enable simultaneous recording in AVCHD format and web-ready MP4 format, as well as MP4 at different bit rates.

Native 24p Recording

A must for serious filmmaking work, Native 24p matches the frame rate of a traditional film camera, giving the same cadence and temporal motion for “film-like” quality.

Outstanding Image Reproduction

The XA15 Professional Camcorder represents Canon’s Full HD System, delivering truly excellent image quality and reproduction in a wide range of shooting situations. With its 20x Optical Zoom HD Video lens, its HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor and the powerful DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor working together to capture and process the images at hand, the XA15 is positioned to deliver HD video that is nothing short of stunning.

3.0-inch LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with Tiltable Electronic Viewfinder

The 3.0-inch 460,000 dot LCD display provides vivid colors and high contrast. A wide-view angle (over 80° at all angles) aids in composition versatility, and regular chromaticity adjustments, which are prompted by the camcorder, help ensure correct brightness and faithful color reproduction.

The 0.24-inch tilt-type color electronic viewfinder on the XA15 Professional Camcorder has 100% field of view, and 1.56 million dots of resolution help ensure critical focus adjustment, with peaking applied if necessary. A joystick located to the right of the viewfinder, where the thumb rests, enables control of camera settings on the viewscreen without having to use touch panel controls

Dual SD Card Slots

SDHC/SDXC Card-compatible
The XA15 Professional Camcorder is compatible with universal SDHC and SDXC memory cards, which provide super-high capacity and ultra-fast data transfer. When AVCHD/MP4 recording has continued for 12 hours, it will automatically stop.A variable bit rate is applicable in each case.

Double-slot SD Card Recording for Instant Backup

For safety and convenience, double-slot recording allows you to record simultaneously to each of the two SD memory card slots, providing an instant backup for your footage.

Relay Recording for Continuous, Long-run Recording
With Relay Recording, the XA15 Professional Camcorder automatically switches video recording from one SD memory card to the other when the first memory card becomes full.

Wide DR Gamma (600%)

For natural and realistic-looking image capture that faithfully represents the scene at hand, the XA15 Professional Camcorder features a Wide DR Gamma mode. By suppressing overexposure in high brightness areas of the composition, this mode helps achieve a wide dynamic range of 600% to produce seamless tone gradations, resulting in smooth detail, accurate color and virtually no blown-out highlights.

Highlight Priority Mode

To capture highly saturated, realistic colors and to convey gradation characteristics as perceived by the eye, the XA15 Professional Camcorder has a Highlight Priority mode that achieves effects similar to HDR modes in other camcorders. By reducing the mid- to high-brightness compression of the standard gamma mode, the Highlight Priority mode helps to prevent loss of detail in high brightness areas. Designed for display on a bright LCD TV, videos captured in Highlight Priority mode should be shown at a high brightness setting to help ensure accurate portrayal of the effect.

View Assist Function

When using the XA15 Professional Camcorder in Highlight Priority mode, the View Assist function increases brightness and medium tone gamma in the camera’s viewfinder or LCD panel. This allows images to be displayed with the brightness and gradation with which they are being recorded or reviewed, helping to ensure the subjects look natural and realistic.

Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization System

The XA15 Professional Camcorder offers a powerful optical image stabilization system suited to help reduce image blur in a wide variety of shooting situations. The different image stabilization options can be selected manually, or Intelligent IS can use an automatic detection system to identify the proper stabilization mode for the situation. Featured on the XA15 is Dynamic Mode, which provides electronic correction of roll and tilt.

Ergonomic, Portable Design

Weighing less than three pounds including the detachable handle, battery and lens hood – and less than two pounds without – the XA15 Professional Camcorder is ideal for high-action shoots when both speed and mobility are essential, and where keeping a low profile is an added benefit. Though small in size, this camcorder sacrifices nothing when it comes to professional functionality. It features a “seesaw” style zoom lever, manual focus/zoom ring and joystick for easy control and an electronic viewfinder that can tilt up to 45° for low-angle shooting. It also has five Assign Buttons to help it fit to your operational needs.

Two Phantom-powered XLR Audio Inputs with Manual Gain Control

A stereo microphone is incorporated into the XA15 Professional Camcorder, and two XLR audio inputs with +48 V phantom power are on the detachable handle unit. The built-in microphone provides outstanding audio in fast-paced situations while the XLR inputs provide connectivity to external microphones and other professional audio devices. If you choose, the built-in microphone and XLR input can be used simultaneously.

Ultra-compact with Detachable Handle

A detachable handle provides the user with expanded audio performance and added flexibility. Removing the handle allows the camcorder to be made more compact for convenient storage when travelling. Included on the handle are the following terminals, controls and monitors:

High Definition Peaking for Focus Assist

To enhance focusing capability, the XA15 Professional Camcorder provides Focus Assist. It includes enlargement, which helps in capturing your subject in razor-sharp focus. It works by providing a 2x magnification of your subject, which is automatically cancelled when you start recording. Also included is color peaking, which shows the shooting object’s focused areas in actual colors.

Assignable Buttons for Custom Shooting

The XA15 Professional Camcorder is equipped with five assignable buttons so that the camcorder can be tailored to the specific preferences or needs of the user.

  • Button 1 is preset as AF/MF.
  • Button 2 is preset as Pre REC.
  • Button 3 has no preset.
  • Button 4 has no preset.
  • Button 5 is preset as Rec Review.

    Infrared Shooting Mode for Extreme Low-light Conditions

    The XA15 Professional Camcorder features an Infrared Mode allowing the capture of video in conditions with little to no ambient light. Compared to the XA25 and XA20, the XA15 can shoot at brightness levels that are approximately 1.4 times more sensitive, and allows low-light capture by removing the infrared cutoff filter from the optical path. Its specially designed lens coating allows the infrared light to pass through to the image sensor. Additionally, the detachable handle of the XA15 features an infrared emitter with a diffuser to shoot appealing infrared imagery even in complete darkness. For nighttime videographers or law enforcement users, the benefits of a compact, high-performance camcorder for shooting in such conditions are obvious. Without the need to add lights, the shooter can save time on set-up. Also, the XA15 gives the option of recording in white or green mode.

    Connectivity to Various Inputs and Outputs

    Not only does the XA15 Professional Camcorder provide the user with incredible control over the image, it also provides immense creative freedom when it comes to inputs and outputs, including:

    • HDMI Output (HDMI mini connector, time code can be superimposed)
    • Composite Video Output (3.5mm)
    • USB Hi-Speed Terminal
    • (2) XLR Audio Input (when handle is attached) (See audio section for more details)
    • Microphone Input (3.5mm) (See audio section for more details)
    • Headphone Jack (3.5mm) (See audio section for more details)
    • Accessory Shoe (when handle is attached)

      Impressive Slow and Fast Motion, including Interval Recording from 2x to 1200x

      Slow and Fast Motion Modes allow the XA15 Professional Camcorder to record a different frame rate than the playback frame rate (only in MP4 recording modes), for a fast or slow motion effect during playback. Since the camera is recording real frames and modifying the playback rate, there is virtually no quality loss and maximum image quality is maintained. Additionally, interval recording allows the user to record frames at specified intervals, providing time-lapse recording of up to 1200x and slow motion down to 0.4x of the original speed.XA15 A compact, professional Full HD camcorder with a powerful 20x optical zoom and wide dynamic range
      This compact, lightweight camcorder is small enough to stow away yet agile and powerful to record news events with versatility thanks to a high quality HD CMOS Pro sensor, a superb 20x optical zoom with high zoom ratio and professional interfaces for connectivity into existing workflows.

      High optical performance
      A Canon 20x optical zoom lens provides a highly versatile zoom range with the 35mm equivalent of 26.8-576mm. with an improved circular aperture, the XA15 can record more natural, beautiful images.

      Stunning Full HD image quality
      With Canon’s HD CMOS Pro Sensor and the powerful DIGIC DV4 Image Processor with improved low-light performance, the XA15 captures superb Full HD video in 50P at 35Mbps with Wide dynamic range of 600%.

      Professional recording options
      The XA15 can record in both AVCHD and MP4 formats, at multiple bit rates, and even simultaneously.

      Easy operability and compact design
      With a compact and discrete body, the XA15 is ideal for high-action shoots when both speed and mobility are essential. It features 3.0-inch touchscreen, 1.56 million dot tiltable EVF and a switchable zoom/focus lens ring.

      Professional interfaces
      The XA15 provides various interfaces including two XLR inputs for high quality audio, headphone jack, optional GPS support, HDMI terminal and an HD-SDI interface


Canon XA15 Features

  • Genuine Canon 20x High Definition Optical Zoom Lens
  • Advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor with Impressive Low-light Performance
  • Full HD 1920×1080 Recording Capabilities
  • HD/SD-SDI Output
  • Outstanding Image Reproduction
  • 3.0-inch LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with Tiltable Electronic Viewfinder
  • Dual SD Card Slots
  • Wide DR Gamma (600%)
  • Highlight Priority Mode with View Assist Function
  • Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization System
  • Full Manual Control
  • Ergonomic, Portable Design
  • Two Phantom-powered XLR Audio Inputs with Manual Gain Control
  • Ultra-compact with Detachable Handle
  • High Definition Peaking for Focus Assist
  • Assignable Buttons for Custom Shooting
  • Infrared Shooting Mode for Extreme Low-light Conditions
  • Connectivity to Various Inputs and Outputs
  • Advanced Display Features: Zebra, Color Bars and Test Tone
  • Impressive Slow and Fast Motion, including Interval Recording from 2x to 1200x


Canon XA15 Specifications

Image SensorJump to…

1/2.84 inch type HD CMOS Pro
RGB Primary Colour filter (Bayer array)
Total Pixels
3.09 megapixels (2208 x 1398)
Effective pixels per sensor
2.91 megapixels (2136 x 1362)
Minimum illumination
Low Light Mode Approx. 0.1 Lx.
Auto Mode (Auto Slow Shutter selected Approx. 1.0Lx
Horizontal Resolution
900 TV lines (External via SDI, XA15)

LensJump to…

Zoom ratio
20 x Optical
Focal Length
3.67 – 73.4mm (35mm equivalent: 28.8 – 576mm) 1
ND filter
Built-in gradation ND filter
Zoom control
Zoom rockers on body and handle;
Selectable manual zoom/focus ring on lens;
Selectable High Speed and Soft Zoom modes available.
Zoom Speed
Zoom Rocker:
Variable speed/Fixed speed (Fast/Normal/Slow, 16 speed level settings available in each mode);
Grip zoom:
Fixed speed (Fast/Normal/Slow, 16 speed level settings available in each mode)
Zoom Ring: As operation speed
Focus control
Manual control via focus ring, automatic (Instant AF, Medium AF, TV AF, Face Detection AF, Face Only AF), Push AF
Iris control
Ring control; Full Auto
Aperture range
f1.8 – f16
Filter diameter
Lens elements/groups
Aperture blades
8 Blade Circular Aperture
Image stabilization system
Dynamic IS and Powered IS, 5 Axis image stabilisation
Digital zoom/Teleconverter
2 x Tele Converter, x400 Digital Zoom

Image ProcessorJump to…

Sampling accuracy
4:2:0 AVCHD/MP4
Bit depth
8 bit

Exposure ControlJump to…

Exposure metering
Centre-weighted average metering: In the P, Av, Tv, Cinema, Portrait, Sports,Low Light andIR modes
Segment evaluative metering: Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Night modes
No metering: Fireworks; Fixed exposure [1/60 sec. (PAL: 1/50 sec.)],
M (manual exposure);
Exposure control
AUTO mode: Smart Auto,
Manual mode: P, Tv, Av, M (manual exposure), SCN (Portrait, Sports, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Night, Low Light, Spotlight, Fireworks)
Cinema mode: P, Tv, Av, M
Exposure Compensation
12 steps, Displayed as EV value; 0 EV – 3.0 EV
Auto Exposure mode
Full Auto
Push Auto Iris
Gain Control setting
Full Auto/AGC Limit/Manual
Auto Gain Control limit
In manual exposure (P, Av, and Tv modes): 0-24 dB (in 1 dB increments),
In the Cinema mode: 0-18 dB (in 1 dB increments),
In the Wide DR mode: 6-24 dB (in 1 dB increments)
Gain setting
During M (manual) shooting: The gain can be set in 1 dB steps from 0 dB to 24 dB.
In the cinema mode: The gain can be set in 1 dB steps from 0 dB to 18 dB.
When Image Effects is set to Look and Wide DR is set, the lowest sensitivity is 6 dB

ShutterJump to…

Control Modes
Full Auto / Manual control (Auto; Speed; Angle; Clear Scan (CS); Slow Shutter (SLS); IR Slow Shutter)
Shutter speed
1/6 to 1/2000 depending on frame rate and operating mode
Clear Scan

InfraredJump to…

Infrared shooting mode
YES (green or white)
Built-in IR lamp
YES, in handle unit

Misc.Jump to…

Stored Configurations
Cinema standard, Vivid, Dream, Cool, Sepia, Old Movies, Memory
Wide DR, Highlight Priority
Storage Medium
SD/SDHC memory card
Colour Bars
YES (SMPTE or EBU), with 1KHz Tone (Tone via Audio Menu)

RecordingJump to…

Video storage media
SD Card x 2
Dual Format recording, Double slot (simultaneous) recording and Relay (continuous) recording possible.
SD card Class 4 or higher, Class 6 & 10 recommended for 35Mbps MP4 recording
Recording time
128GB SD Card:MP4: up to 8 Hours (50P @35Mbps)
AVCHD up to 10 hours 10 Minutes (5p @28Mbps)
Recording file format
Recording format
AVCHD: 28/24/17/5Mbps
MP4: 35/24/17/9/3 Mbps;
All modes variable bit rate, 4:2:0 colour sampling
Recording frame rate (PAL model)
28Mbps 50.00P,1920 x 1080, 24/17Mbps 1920 x 1080 50.00i/PF25
5Mbps 1440 x 1080 50i/PF25
35Mbps 1920 x 1080: 50P
24/17Mbps 1920 x 1080:25P
8/4 Mbps 1280 x 720: 25P
3Mbps 640 x 360: 25P
Slow/Fast motion
YES (MP4 recording Only)
50.00P (35 Mbps) x2 17.5 Mbps
25.00P (24 Mbps or 17 Mbps) x0.5, x2, x4, x10, x20, x60, x120, x1200
Interval Record
Frame Record
YES. 2, 6 or 12 frames
Pre Record (cache record)
YES (3 seconds)
Scan Reverse
YES. Vertical/horizontal/both

AudioJump to…

16-bit 4ch or 2ch (48 kHz) linear PCM
Audio limiter, Auto/manual settings via control dials on handle
Microphone attenuation
Microphone level meter
Photo storage media
SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
Still quality
During video recording: 1920 x 1080 in 1920 x 1080 or 1440 x 1080 mode,
1280 x 720; 1280 x 720 mode
During playback: 1920×1080

White BalanceJump to…

New white sampling system FAWB. Settings include auto, set 1, set 2, colour temperature setting and pre-set.
Six presets: [Daylight: approx. 5,400K], [Shade: approx. 8,000 – 8,500K],
[Cloudy: approx. 6,500K], [Tungsten (incandescent or halogen bulb): approx. 3,100K],
[Fluorescent H (3-wavelength fluorescent): approx. 7,000K],
[Fluorescent (white fluorescent): 5,000K]
Colour temperature
The colour temperature (Kelvin) setting ranges from 2,000K to 15,000K (in 100K steps).
WB cannot be selected in the SCN or AUTO mode. Auto adjustment range: 2,800K – 8,000K

Time codeJump to…

Regen, RecRun, Free Run, External, Hold
Countup system
00:00:00:00, Set/Reset selectable
Start value setting

PanelJump to…

Capacitive Touch Panel
3.0-inch (7.5 cm)
Approx. 460,000 dots
Image quality adjustments
Wave Form Monitor
Focus Assist
Peaking; Magnifying; Edge Monitor (using waveform display)
Yes. Colour selectable
Yes. 70% or 100%
On/Off ; Level (White/Grey), and Grid (White/Grey)

Electronic View Finder (EVF)Jump to…

0.24-inch (0.61 cm),
approx. 1.56 million dots,
Vertical tilt, up to 45
Field of View Coverage
Correction lens
+ 2.0 to -5 dioptre

Inputs/OutputsJump to…

Audio in
x2 XLR Input on Handle Unit. Line, Mic or 48V Phantom Power), 3.5mm microphone input jack
Headphone output
3.5mm stereo jack
YES (Mini-B, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, output only)
HD/SD-SDI output
YES, BNC, output only, Video, embedded audio and time code. (XA15 Only)
AV terminal
3.5mm mini jack (output only for video and audio)
DC input
Remote Control Terminal

Other FeaturesJump to…

Tally lamp
YES in Handle Unit
Accessory shoe
YES (cold shoe)
Custom Button Assignment
YES 5 Assignable Buttons. Select from: Powered IS / BLC Always On / Face Only AF / Video Snapshot / WB Priority / Pre Rec / IR Light / Audio Output CH / [AF/MF] /Rec Review / Rec.Programs / BLC Always On / White balance / AGC Limit / Focus / Exposure / Audio Scene / Mic level / Zoom / Image Stabilizer / Image Effects / [Off]
Custom Dial
Yes. Tv/Av/Manual exposure/AGC Limit/Exposure/Off
Wireless LAN standards
Supported Wi-Fi Functions
Supported Browser for Remote Operation
Remote Operation Control Features
Live view image Resolution
Authentication Systems
GPS Information (Optional Accessory)
Real-time display of Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, UTC and Satellite Reception

PowerJump to…

Power Consumption
Max 4.9W (Approx.) MP4 recording, 35Mbps
BP-820(supplied)BP-828 (Optional)
Continuous Recording Time
MP4 recording, 35Mbps: 145 Minutes (BP-820); 220 Minutes (BP-828)(approx.)

Size and WeightsJump to…

Approx. 131 x 180 x 231 mm (approx. 5.2 x 7.1 x 9.1 in.)
[Including lens hood, mic holder unit, and handle unit]
Weight (camera only)
XA15: Approx. 750 g (1.7 lb) XA11: Approx. 745 g (1.6 lb)
Weight (fully equipped)
Approx. 1140 g (2.5 lb)
Includes lens hood, mic holder unit, handle unit, BP-820, and 1 memory card
Operating Temperature range
Approx. -5 to 45 C, 60% (relative humidity)
Approx. 0 to 40 C, 85% (relative humidity)

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