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Celestron NexStar Evolution 6, Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope Bundle with StarSense AutoAlign

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Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 203mm f10 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope with Integrated WiFi

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Celestron NexStar Evolution 6, Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope wDlx Accessory Kit

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About Celestron NexStar Evolution

Celestron’s signature telescopes reach a new level with NeXStar Evolution 6, the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated WiFi. Leave your hand control behind and slew to all the best celestial objects with a tap of your smartphone or tablet. Connect your device to NeXStar Evolution’s built-in wireless network, and explore the universe with the Celestron mobile app for iOS and Android.

Use the planetarium interface to view the night sky in real time or display a list of celestial objects currently visible based on your time and location. Our proprietary SkyAlign alignment procedure is built right into the Celestron mobile app, so you’re ready to observe within minutes.

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Celestron engineers designed NeXStar Evolution based on years of customer feedback. It offers many thoughtful design features that combine to provide you the best possible experience out under the stars.

Forget about batteries or an external power supply. For the first time ever on a consumer telescope, NeXStar Evolution includes its own built-in lithium-ion battery. You’ll be able to enjoy stargazing marathons up to 10 hours on a single charge. You can even use NeXStar Evolution’s USB charge port to top off the other devices in your life that need to stay powered on during an observing session.

Setting up your NeXStar Evolution is quick and painless with large, ergonomic handles. The steel tripod features leg etchings to help you achieve a level, uniform height for your telescope. Manual clutches in both altitude and azimuth offer greater flexibility to manually point the telescope when powered off. Store up to 7 eyepieces in 2 accessory trays, one with an adjustable red LED illuminator.

If you’re interested in astroimaging, the 6-inch NeXStar Evolution is an excellent, affordable way to get started. It’s the only fork-mounted telescope in its price range that offers worm gears, along with improved motors. NeXStar Evolution’s tracking accuracy is so impressive, you can capture images of deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula by simply attaching your DSLR camera. As you progress in the hobby of astroimaging, you can add our Pro HD Wedge to achieve longer exposures for more detailed astrophotos.

Of course, the Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system offers bright, sharp views with StarBright XLT optical coatings a great choice for visual observers and budding astroimagers alike.

NeXStar Evolution includes a StarPointer finderscope, two 1.25″ Plossl eyepieces, a 1.25″ star diagonal, AC adapter, and optional hand control.

Celestron Accessory Kit with Filter Set
The Celestron 1.25″ Eyepiece and Filter Kit is a great way to expand the functionality and enjoyment of your telescope. Inside the metal, foam-lined carry case you’ll find these accessories:

• 32 mm Plossl Eyepiece – 1.25″
• 17 mm Plossl Eyepiece – 1.25″
• 13 mm Plossl Eyepiece – 1.25″
• 8 mm Plossl Eyepiece – 1.25″
• 6 mm Plossl Eyepiece – 1.25″
• 2x Barlow Lens – 1.25″
• #80A Blue Filter – 1.25″
• #58A Green Filter – 1.25″
• #56 Light Green Filter – 1.25″
• #25 Red Filter – 1.25″
• #21 Orange Filter – 1.25″
• #12 Yellow Filter – 1.25″
• Moon Filter – 1.25″

Eyepieces – All five Plossl eyepieces can be used in any telescope with a 1.25″ focuser. Each eyepiece features a four-element design with a 52½ apparent field of view. The optics are fully multi-coated to improve light transmission and protect the optics. The 32 mm Plossl eyepiece offers a low power, wide field view in most telescopes, the 13 mm & 17 mm focal lengths are good medium-power oculars, and the 8 mm & 6 mm eyepieces provide high magnifications, great for the Moon and planets, especially when seeing conditions are good.

2x Barlow Lens – The included, and very versatile 2x Barlow doubles the magnification of any 1.25″ eyepiece. Since this kit includes five (5) eyepieces, you will be able to use them with and without the Barlow, giving you a total of ten magnification options in all. Any other 1.25″ eyepieces you already have will also work in this desirable accessory, giving you even more magnification choices. Remember, high magnifications do not always produce clear, sharp results, especially on evenings of poor or moderate seeing conditions. Experiment to find the magnifications that are best for your telescope on a particular night.

Filters – Colored filters can be used to bring out certain details on a planet’s surface or its cloud structure. All of the planetary filters included in the 1.25″ Eyepiece & Accessory Kit, as well as the Moon filter, can be used on any 1.25″ eyepiece with the proper filter threads, so they are very versatile. Just screw one onto your eyepiece of choice and slide it into the focuser.

The Moon filter is one of the first accessories most new amateur astronomers buy, and for good reason! It helps block out a portion of the light the Moon sends into your eyepiece so that you can see details better. You can also try this filter on Venus; it blocks enough glare so you can observe the planet’s phases more easily.

Metal Case: The sturdy metal carry case has die-cut foam inside to protect and cushion your accessories. Store each one in its appointed place when not in use and you’ll keep them looking and performing like new. The case is even large enough to carry a few extra accessories. Just pull out enough of the foam cubes to make a nest for your eyepiece, camera adapter, etc. A tight fit is better, so remove the least amount of foam possible before testing the fit. You can always remove more if you need to.


Celestron NexStar Evolution Features

  • Control your telescope wirelessly from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with the free Celestron mobile app with planetarium interface and SkyAlign technology
  • Compact, portable 6-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube with StarBright XLT optical coatings and Fastar compatibility
  • Computerized GoTo mount with high-performance worm gears and motors for improvedtracking accuracy, along with reduced gear backlash
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with enough power for 10 hours of continuous observing
  • Improved industrial design with manual clutches and integrated carry handles, plus the added convenience of two accessory trays and a USB charge port for yoursmart device


Celestron NexStar Evolution Specifications

Optical Design
150 mm
Focal Length
1500 mm
Focal Ratio
Focal Length of Eyepiece 1
40 mm
Focal Length of Eyepiece 2
Magnification of Eyepiece 1
Magnification of Eyepiece 2
Star Diagonal
Mount Type
Single Fork Arm Altazimuth
Stainless steel
Power Requirements
Internal battery included
HIghest Useful Magnification
Lowest Useful Magnification
Limiting Stellar Magnitude
Resolution (Rayleigh)
0.93 arc seconds
Resolution (Dawes)
0.77 arc seconds
Light Gathering Power
Secondary Mirror Obstruction
2.2 in
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area
Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter
Optical Coatings
StarBright XLT
Optical Tube Length
16 in
Total Telescope Kit Weight
35.4 lbs
Max Slew Speed
4 degrees per second
Tracking Rates
Sidereal, Lunar, Solar
Alignment Procedures
SkyAlign, 3-Star Align, Solar System Align
Communication Ports
1 hand control and 3 aux ports for optional accessories
Evo App Database
Over 120,000 including 220 of the best deep sky and solar system objects
USB Charge Port

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