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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV 20.1MP Digital Camera, Black

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV Digital Camera, Black wFlashpoint eVOLV 200 Flash

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV Camera Black With Joby GorillaPod 3K 64GB SDXC Card

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About Sony RX-10 IV

Focus like lightning and zoom ahead
Experience the RX10 that elevates all-in-one camera capabilities and image quality to an all-time high.Top-speed AF meets super zoom range
Now, it’s easier to capture more stunning stills and movies at every opportunity. The new RX10 IV is much more than a solid, smart all-in-one compact-it packs enough groundbreaking innovations for even professionals to marvel at, from this ultra-fast AF system of its kind, to legendary optics throughout its 25x zoom range, to extraordinarily precise, powerful image processing and more.

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AF makes a giant leap

0.03-sec. autofocus speed doesn’t miss a move
The RX10 IV’s AF systems heighten response, accuracy and range for more controllably precise, tenacious focus on your subject, however quickly the scene’s action unfolds.

Incomparable AF speed

See ultra-fast autofocus in action

World-leading 0.03-s AF speed is made possible by the 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS image sensor that provides for fast, accurate autofocusing at all times.

All-around AF coverage

Autofocus captures a subject wherever it is in the image

315 phase-detection AF points cover approx. 65% of the image area to provide widespread autofocus coverage of subjects that appear in the frame.

Tenacious AF tracking

Stays on moving subjects for as long as you like

With High-density Tracking AF Technology, focus reliably stays on moving subjects and activates AF points to cover the area around the subject.

Advanced operation with an easy touch

More tactile focus control even when shooting

The exemplary RX10 IV puts more intuitive, versatile control of focus right at your fingertips.

Smooth focus point selection with Touch Pad AF
Slide your finger to shift focus. It’s handy while monitoring the viewfinder.

Tap on a next subject with Touch Focus
Simply touch the LCD screen to focus on the chosen subject.

More rapid, wide-ranging autofocus control

AF operation extended and refined

Touch operation and other autofocus innovations take optimal advantage of the Fast Hybrid AF system’s superior speed, accuracy and versatility for location shooting, continuous shooting and ultra-telephoto shooting.

Focus Range Limiter is ready for action
This allows for more rapid focusing according to distance from subjects.

AF-A mode optimizes AF mode automatically
Automatically switches between Single AF and Continuous AF tracking, whichever is optimal.

No half-press to focus with AF-ON
This lets you capture moments instantly without a half-press focus sequence.

Continuous shooting up to 24fps
Consistently capture decisive moments of even fast-moving action. The RX10 IV features a high-speed front-end LSI and the vast power of the BIONZ X image processing engine to enable continuous shooting, even with AF/AE tracking, at up to approx. 24fps for up to 249 frames at a time.

High-speed 24fps shooting with AF/AE tracking

Features refined to match higher shooting capability

Even images shot continuously at 24fps look extraordinarily smooth and rich as you monitor them on the electronic viewfinder that keeps display lag to an absolute minimum during shooting.

Silent electronic shutter

Shoot noise-sensitive scenes without making a sound

Record live performances, wildlife and action without being distracting, by setting the electronic shutter for silent shooting. Up to 1/32,000-s fast, this shutter also minimizes image distortion.

High resolution zoom: wide

Sony packs the RX10 IV with extraordinary large aperture lenses, a state-of-the-art BIONZ X processor ensuring high resolution out to the images’ edges, capability to shoot dazzling bokeh and steady close-ups and much more. The quality of every still and movie image, even shot at top speed, is as clearly superior as all the innovation that this brilliant Cyber-shot contains.

The pursuit of optical perfection

Flawless images take more exceptional elements of refinement

The built-in ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 24-600 mm F2.4-4 high magnification zoom lens achieves excellent contrast and sharpness in every shot, throughout an extreme wide-angle to ultra-telephoto range.

Advanced BIONZ X

Powers image processing to an all-time high

The BIONZ X image processor’s advanced algorithm improves image quality by enhancing resolution, minimizing noise and depicting reality in all its variety and subtlety.

Fast Hybrid AF for 4K movie recording

Pro class shooting features for more professional results

Fast Hybrid AF makes autofocus more speedy and accurate, while 4K movie (QFHD: 3,840 x 2,160) recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning ensures footage with resolution high enough to satisfy professionals.

Pro-style operability

Operate on impulse
Focusing, monitoring, setting adjustments and other essential functions not only feel natural to handle at all times-they’re designed to accommodate professional-style applications as well.

New Imaging Edge software suite from Sony
Imaging Edge software suite can maximize image quality, improve production efficiency. “Remote” to remotely control shooting; “Edit” to develop RAW data into high-quality photos; and “Viewer” to view, rate and select photos.

Capture One for Sony
Capture One Express (for Sony) is a free award-winning editing software that provides RAW development, easy management and powerful editing tools. Capture One Pro (for Sony) can be bought for even more editing tools and tethered shooting capability.

24-600 mm F2.4-4 large-aperture optical zoom lens
This 25x optical zoom lens features remarkable 24-600 mm extra-wide-angle to ultra-telephoto range plus macro capability, AA (advanced aspherical) and ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements, ZEISS T* Coating and large F2.4-4 aperture. These help the camera to provide high optical performance for high resolution and beautiful bokeh.

Exmor RS CMOS sensor for speed
315-point focal-plane phase-detection AF provides for extraordinarily fast, precise autofocusing and tracking. Furthermore, the 20.1MP (effective) 1.0-type stacked CMOS image sensor with DRAM chip enables up to 960fps super slow motion shooting and up to 1/32000 s super high speed Anti-Distortion shutter.

High-speed BIONZ X image processing engine
Achieving processing performance beyond its predecessor, the new BIONZ X image processing engine is remarkably reliable at capturing fast-moving subjects and continuous shooting of up to 24fps. Its newly developed image processing algorithm lets you capture high-quality images with less noise all across the sensitivity range while maintaining natural details.

Wide high-density 315-AF-point coverage
The world’s most focal-plane phase-detection AF points (315) cover approx. 65% of the entire image area of the RX10 IV’s new image sensor. This makes AF coverage widespread and dense enough to quickly capture subjects, such as small or fast-moving ones that are otherwise difficult to focus on, throughout the image area.

Fast Hybrid AF moves farther ahead
For its RX10 series camera debut, Fast Hybrid AF is capable of lightning-fast 0.03 s autofocusing response. This groundbreaking AF system seamlessly integrates the superlative speed and tracking of focal-plane phase-detection AF plus the high accuracy of contrast-detection AF and boosts the camera’s capabilities to focus, track and capture sharp, clear still images of subjects in all situations, even in the middle of fast, dynamic action.

High-density Tracking AF Technology
Tracking performance is highly reliable, as the RX10 IV is the first Cyber-shot camera with High-density Tracking AF Technology that activates AF points to cover the area around a subject with outstanding precision and stability.

Enhanced Eye AF
Eye AF can capture intriguing facial expressions with highly precise eye detection that has been enhanced to automatically focus and track focus on a subject’s eye, even as the face moves or turns to a 3/4 view. This capability extends your freedom to frame a great shot.

AF streamlines focus operation
Faster autofocusing relies on smart functions including Focus Range Limiter, which allows you to restrict focus to subjects that are 3 m or farther away; AF-ON setting, which lets you trip the shutter without the lengthier half-press focus sequence; and AF-A mode, which automatically switches between AF-S (Single AF) and AF-C (Continuous AF) modes, according to changes in subject motion.

Easy, natural Touch Pad and Touch Focus
With Touch Pad function, you can shift focus simply by sliding your finger across the LCD screen from one area to another, while looking at the viewfinder. Whether you make the shift according to finger motion distance (relative position) or the area of the frame you touch on the screen (absolute position), shifting is smooth and easy. For Touch Focus, simply touch the LCD at the point of the image you want to focus on.


Sony RX-10 IV Features

  • 20.1 MP 1″ Exmor RS stacked back illuminated CMOS sensor w/ DRAM: The large 1″ (1.0-type) stacked 20.1 MP CMOS image sensor with DRAM chip performs at blazingly fast shutter speed of up to 1/32000, captures images at up to 24 fps (frames per second), ultra-sharp 4k movie without pixel binning
  • 4K movie recording w/ direct pixel readout and no pixel binning: Full pixel readout without pixel binning collects approx. 1.7 times as much information as is required for 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) movie output.
  • Ultra telephoto super slow motion at up to 960fps (40x): See the unseen with super-speed HFR (High Frame Rate). The stacked CMOS sensor enables shooting at an extra-high frame rate up to 960fps (40x) high-speed shooting of exceptionally clear, smooth close-up action, all the way up the ultra-telephoto range
  • Fast Intelligent autofocus as quick as 0.09-sec: Along with great zoom range coverage up to 600mm, the RX10 III features 0.09-sec. high-speed AF (autofocus).
  • Super-speed Anti-Distortion Shutter at max. 1/32000 sec: Thanks to dramatically accelerated sensor readout, shutter speeds of up to 1/32000 sec. minimize distortion caused by rolling shutter phenomenon. This new blazing-fast – Anti-Distortion Shutter system – can capture shots of swiftly moving subjects
  • Catch the decisive moment at 24 fps: Despite its high pixel count of over 20 megapixels, the camera features accelerated readout for continuous shooting up to 24fps with reduced blackout. This allows for decisive moments of subjects in motion to be captured entirely, without missing even a little action
  • Enhanced operability: Rings for focus, zoom and aperture around the lens can be smoothly operated. For convenient shooting, you can turn Aperture Click Switch on for stepwise clicks of assurance, or off for a quiet, smooth feel when setting the aperture.
  • Professional dust/moisture resistant magnesium-alloy body: Combined with dust- and moisture-resistant design8, the use of highly rigid magnesium alloy material for the top cover, front cover, and main chassis makes the body solid yet light, ensuring heavy-duty performance in various tough situations.
  • Bright XGA OLED Tru-Finer electronic viewfinder: View every scene in rich detail with the bright XGA OLED Tru-Finer electronic viewfinder (EVF) with high resolution equivalent to approx. 2,359k-dots. The viewfinder faithfully displays what will appear in your recording, including the effects of your camera settings
  • Large multi-angle 3 Xtra Fine LCD display: Frame your images easily with a large 3″ (1,229k dots) Xtra Fine LCD Display that rotates in multiple angles. This also makes it easy to photograph over crowds or low to capture pets eye to eye
  • Simple connectivity to smartphones via Wi-Fi and NFC – control, shoot and share: Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily connect to a compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with the free PlayMemories Mobile App.


Sony RX-10 IV Specifications

SensorJump to…

Sensor Type
1.0″-type (0.52″ x 0.35″) Exmor RS CMOS sensor, Aspect ratio – 3:2
Number of Pixels
Effective: Approx. 20.1 Megapixels
Total: Approx. 21.0 Megapixels

LensJump to…

Lens Type
ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* Lens, 18 elements in 13 groups (6 aspheric elements, including AA lens)
F-Number (Maximum Aperture)
F2.4 (W) – 4.0 (T)
Focal Length (F=)
Still Image 3:2 f=24-600mm
Still Image 4:3 f=27-650mm
Still Image 16:9 f=26-630mm
Still Image 1:1 f=31-760mm
Focus Range (From the Front of the Lens)
AF (W: Approx. 3 cm (0.10 ft) to infinity
T: Approx. 72 cm (2.36 ft) to infinity
f=250mm (35mm format equivalent): Approx. 140 cm (4.59 ft) to infinity)
Focus range from the image sensor: AF (W: Approx. 18 cm (0.59 ft) to infinity
T: Approx. 92 cm (3.02 ft) to infinity
f=250mm (35mm format equivalent): Approx. 157 cm (5.16 ft) to infinity)
Optical Zoom
25X (optical zoom during movie recording)
Clear Image Zoom (Still Image)
20M Approx. 50x
10M Approx. 70x
5M Approx. 100x
VGA Approx. 380x
Clear Image Zoom (Movie)
4K: Approx. 37.5x
HD: Approx. 50x
Digital Zoom (Still Image)
20M Approx. 100x
10M Approx. 140x
5M Approx. 200x
VGA Approx. 380x
Digital Zoom (Movie)
Digital Zoom Approx. 100x
Filter Diameter

ScreenJump to…

Screen Type
3.0-type (7.5 cm) (4:3)/1,440,000 dots/Xtra Fine/TFT LCD
Adjustable Angle
Up by approx. 109 degrees
down by approx. 41 degrees
Display Panel (On Top)
Display Selector (Finder/LCD)
Auto/EVF (Manual)/Monitor (Manual)
MS Assist Magnification
5.3x, 10.7x

ViewfinderJump to…

Screen Type/Number of Dots
0.39-type electronic viewfinder (XGA OLED)
2,359,296 dots
Field Coverage
Approx. 0.70x with 50-mm lens at infinity
-1m-1 (diopter) (35mm equiv.)
Eye Point
Approx. 23mm from the eyepiece, 21.5mm from the eyepiece frame at -1m-1 (diopter) (CIPA standard)
Diopter Adjustment
-4.0 to +3.0m-1
Brightness Control
Manual (5 steps) / Sunny Weather

CameraJump to…

Image Processing Engine
Steady shot
Yes (Intelligent Active Mode, Optical type with electronic compensation, Anti Rolling type)
Focus Type
Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF/contrast-detection AF)
Focus Mode
Single-shot AF
Automatic AF
Continuous AF
Manual Focus
Focus Area
Wide (315 points (phase-detection AF), 25 points (contrast-detection AF))
Flexible Spot (S/M/L)
Expanded Flexible Spot
Lock on AF (Wide/Center/Flexible Spot (S/M/L)/Expanded Flexible Spot)
Lock On AF
Light Metering Mode
Multi Pattern
Center Weighted
Spot (Standard/Large)
Entire Screen Avg.
Exposure Compensation
+/- 3.0EV, 1/3EV step
ISO Sensitivity (Still Image)
Auto (ISO100-12800, selectable with upper/lower limit), 100/125/160/200/250/320/400/500/640/800/1000/1250/1600/2000/2500/3200/4000/5000/6400/8000/10000/12800 (Extendable to ISO64/80), Multi-Frame NR: Auto (ISO100-12800), 100/200/400/800/1600/3200/6400/12800/25600 (recommended Exposure Index)
ISO Sensitivity (Movie)
Auto: (ISO100-ISO12800 Level, selectable with upper/lower limit), 100/125/160/200/250/320/400/500/640/800/1000/1250/1600/2000/2500/3200/4000/5000/6400/8000/10000/12800
Minimum Illumination (Movie)
Auto: 2.4 lux (shutter speed 1/30)
White Balance Modes
Fluor.: Warm White
Fluor.: Cool White
Fluor.: Day White
Fluor.: Daylight
WB Micro Adjustment
Yes G7 to M7, 57-step A7 to B7, 29-step
Shutter Speed
iAuto (4″-1/2000)
Program Auto (30″-1/2000)
Manual Exposure (Bulb, 30″-1/2000)
Aperture Priority (30″-1/2000)
Shutter Priority (30″-1/2000)
Electronic Shutter
iAuto (4″-1/32000)
Program Auto (30″-1/32000)
Manual Exposure (30″-1/32000)
Aperture Priority (30″-1/32000)
Shutter Priority (30″-1/32000)
iAuto (F2.4/F11)
Program Auto (F2.4/F16)
Manual (F2.4/F16)
Shutter Priority (F2.4/F11)
Aperture Priority (F2.4/F16)
Image Control
Creative Style
Color Space (sRGB / Adobe RGB)
Quality (RAW / RAW&JPEG / Extra fine / Fine / Standard)
Noise Reduction
Long exposure NR: On/Off, available for shutter speeds longer than 1/3 s
High ISO NR: Normal/Low/Off
Multi Frame NR: Auto, ISO 100-25600
Dynamic Range Functions
Off, Dynamic Range Optimizer (Auto/Level 1-5), Auto High Dynamic Range (Auto Exposure Difference, Exposure difference Level (1.0-6.0 EV, 1.0 EV step))
Shooting Mode
AUTO (Intelligent Auto/Superior Auto)
Program Auto
Aperture Priority
Shutter Speed Priority
Manual Exposure
MR (Memory Recall) [body 3 sets/memory card 4 sets]
Movie Mode (Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, Manual Exposure)
HFR Mode (Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, Manual Exposure)
Scene Selection
Scene Selection
Sports Action
Night Scene
Handheld Twilight
Night Portrait
Anti Motion Blur
Continuous Shooting Speed (maximum)
Continuous Shooting Hi: approx. 24fps, Continuous Shooting Mid: approx. 10fps, Continuous Shooting: approx. 3.5fps (with Max. Recording Pixels)
10 s / 5 s / 2 s / 3 or 5 consecutive shots with 10 s, 5 s or 2 s delay selectable/Bracketing shots with 10 s, 5 s or 2 s delay selectable
Drive Modes
Continuous shooting (Hi/Mid/Lo)
Self-timer (cont.)
Cont. bracketing
Single bracketing
White balance bracketing
DRO bracketing
Panorama (Shooting)
Sweep Panorama
Picture Effect
Still Image: Toy camera; Pop Color; Posterization; Retro Photo; Soft High-key; Partial Color; High Contrast Mono.; Soft Focus; HDR Painting; Richtone Monochrome; Miniature; Watercolor; Illustration; Movie: Toy camera; Pop Color; Posterization; Retro Photo; Soft High-key; Partial Color; High Contrast Mono
Creative Style
Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night Scene, Autumn Leaves, Black & White, Sepia, Style Box
Picture Profile
Off/PP1-PP9 (Black Level, Gamma (Movie, Still, Cine1-2, ITU709, ITU709 [800%], S-Log2, S-Log3), Black Gamma, Knee, Color Mode, Saturation, Color Phase, Color Depth, Detail, Copy, Reset)
Number of Recognized Scenes
Still Image: Superior Auto: 44 / iAuto: 33; 44

FlashJump to…

Flash Mode
Built-in, manual pop-up
Flash Type
Auto/Flash On/Slow Synchro/Rear Sync /Flash Off/Wireless (with optional compatible flash)
AF Illuminator
Auto / Off
External Flash Mode
Sony Alpha System Flash compatible with Multi Interface Shoe, attach the optional shoe adapter for flash compatible with Auto-lock accessory shoe
Flash Range
ISO Auto: About 3.28 to 35.43 ft (1.0 to 10.8 m) (W) / About 3.28 to 21.33 ft 1.0 to 6.5 m) (T), ISO 12800: up to about 68.24 ft (20.8 m) (W) / about 41.99 ft (12.8 m) (T)

RecordingJump to…

Compatible Recording Media
Memory Stick Duo; Memory Stick PRO Duo; Memory Stick PRO Duo (High Speed); Memory Stick PROHG Duo; Memory Stick Micro; Memory Stick Micro (Mark2); SD Memory Card; SDHC Memory Card (UHS-I); SDXC Memory Card (UHS-I); microSD Memory Card; microSDHC Memory Card; microSDXC Memory Card
Recording Format
Still Image: JPEG (DCF Ver. 2.0, Exif Ver. 2.31, MPF Baseline compliant), RAW (Sony ARW 2.3 format); XAVC S; AVCHD format Ver. 2.0 compatible
Recording Format (Movie Audio)
XAVC S: LPCM 2ch; AVCHD: Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2ch (Dolby Digital Stereo Creator)
Color Space (Still)
sRGB, Adobe RGB
Still Image Number of Recorded Pixels
Image Size:
3:2 mode: 20M (5472×3648)/10M (3888×2592)/5M (2736×1824)
4:3 mode: 18M (4864×3648)/10M (3648×2736)/5M (2592×1944)/VGA
16:9 mode: 17M (5472×3080)/7.5M (3648×2056)/4.2M (2720×1528)
1:1 mode: 13M (3648×3648)/6.5M (2544×2544)/3.7M (1920×1920)
16:9 mode: 17M (5472×3080)/7.5M (3648×2056)/4.2M (2720×1528)Image Size During Movie:
16:9 mode: 17M (5472×3080), 7.5M (3648×2056), 4.2M (2720×1528)
NTSC/PAL Selector: [PAL] mode XAVC S HD: 50p
50M (1920×1080/250fps), 50p
50M (1920×1080/500fps), 50p
50M (1920×1080/1000fps)/25p
50M (1920×1080/250fps), 25p
50M (1920×1080/500fps), 25p
50M (1920×1080/1000fps)Sensor Readout Number of effective pixels
Quality Priority: 240fps/250fps (1824×1026), 480fps/500fps (1824×616), 960fps/1000fps (1244×420)
Shoot Time Priority: 240fps/250fps (1824×616), 480fps/500fps (1292×436), 960fps/1000fps (912×308)
HFR (Cont.)
NTSC/PAL Selector: [NTSC] mode XAVC S HD:60p
50M (1920×1080/240fps), 60p
50M (1920×1080/480fps), 60p
50M (1920×1080/960fps)/30p
50M (1920×1080/240fps), 30p
50M (1920×1080/480fps), 30p
50M (1920×1080/960fps)/24p
50M (1920×1080/240fps), 24p
50M (1920×1080/480fps), 24p
50M (1920×1080/960fps)
Proxy Recording

InterfaceJump to…

Input and Output Terminals
Multi/Micro USB Terminal
Hi-Speed USB (USB2.0)
Micro HDMI
Microphone (0.14″ stereo mini jack)
Multi Interface Shoe
NFC forum Type 3 Tag compatible, One-touch remote, One-touch sharing
Yes (IEEE802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz band))
Yes (Bluetooth Standard Ver. 4.1 (2.4GHz band))

PowerJump to…

Power Source
DC7.2 V (supplied battery)/DC5.0 V (supplied AC adapter)
Battery System
Rechargeable battery pack NP-FW50
Power Consumption (Camera Mode)
Approx. 2.2W with LCD monitor and approx. 2.4W with viewfinder
USB Charge/USB Power Supply
Yes (Shooting, Playback)
Battery Life (CIPA)
Still Images:
Monitor: Approx. 400/Approx. 200 min.
ViewFinder: Approx. 370/Approx. 185 min.Movies Actual Shooting:
Monitor: Approx. 75 min.
ViewFinder: Approx. 75 min.

Movies Continuous Shooting:
Monitor: Approx. 135 min.
ViewFinder: Approx. 135 min.

PrintJump to…

Exif Print; PRINT Image Matching (PIM3)

OthersJump to…

Shooting Functions
Eye AF; Face Detection; Face Registration; Still Image Recording (during movie recording); Smile shutter; Grid Line; Quick Navi; Digital Level Gauge (pitch and roll); WB Bracket; DRO Bracketing; MF Assist; Peaking; Zebra; Marker Display; Audio Level Display; Audio Out Timing
Shooting Functions (Cont.)
Step Zoom/Quick Zoom; TC/UB; Photographer Name & Copyright; ISO Auto Minimum Shutter Speed; PC Remote Control; Zoom Assist; Focus Hold; Gamma Disp. Assist; [Mov] AF Track Sensitivity; [Mov] AF Drive Speed; Set File Name; Focus Range Limiter
Playback Functions
BRAVIA Sync (Control for HDMI); 9/25-frame index view; Auto Orientation; Slide Show; Forward/Rewind (Movie); Delete; Protect; Motion Shot Video; Photo Capture; Automatic Image Rotation; Cont. Shoot Grouping
Triluminos Color
4K Image Output
Operating Temperature
0 to 40 deg. C (32 to 104 deg. F)

GeneralJump to…

Dimensions (WxHxD)
132.5 x 94.0 x 145.0mm (5.22 x 3.70 x 5.71″)
132.5 x 94.0 x 127.4mm (5.22 x 3.70 x 5.02″) (from front of lens to monitor)
Approx. 2.41 lbs (1.09kg) (Battery and SDXC Card are included)
Approx. 2.31 lbs (1.05kg) (Body Only) (CIPA Compliant)

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