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Sony FE 70-200mm f2.8 GM (G Master) OSS E-Mount Lens – With Hoya Filter Kit

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Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM (G Master) E-Mount Lens – With Hoya UV CPL Filter Kit

Original price was: €1,500.00.Current price is: €995.00.
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Sony FE 70-200mm f2.8 GM OSS II G Full-Frame FE-Mount Lens

Original price was: €2,500.00.Current price is: €1,250.00.

About Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8

Unprecedented image quality
The FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS II delivers superb Image quality throughout the zoom range at all focusing distances with two aspherical elements and one XA (extreme aspherical) element to ensure high resolution throughout the image area. Two ED (extra-low dispersion) glass elements, two Super ED glass elements and one ED aspherical element to minimize chromatic aberration while Sony’s Nano AR (anti-reflective) Coating II subdues flare and ghosting. For additional reach, high-performance 1.4x and 2x teleconverters are available (sold separately).

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Exquisite G Master bokeh
Beautiful G Master bokeh is achieved through advanced optical design, an F2.8 aperture, and a new 11-blade circular aperture unit. An XA element manufactured to 0.01-micron surface precision suppresses onion ring bokeh and the new aperture unit helps to deliver natural circular bokeh. Close-up bokeh is superb too, with a minimum focusing distance of just 1.32 ft (0.4 meters) at 70mm and 2.69 ft (0.82 meters) at 200mm.

Fast, precise AF supports creative shooting
Four of Sony’s original XD (Extreme Dynamic) Linear Motors, two for each of the lens’s focus groups, deliver high thrust efficiency that boosts AF speed by up to 4x compared to the previous model for fast, precise continuous autofocus and tracking for stills and movies. AF tracking while zooming is improved by approx. 30% which greatly increase chances of getting the shot even with subjects moving rapidly towards the lens.

Professional movie capability
Designed with movie magic in mind and the latest lens technology to reduce focus breathing, focus shift when zooming and axis shift when zooming. The XD Linear Motors and a new aperture drive unit contribute to quiet operation and independent control rings for focus, zoom and iris, with a click on/off switch for the aperture ring, make this lens ideal for movie shooting. Sony’s Linear Response MF feature ensures responsive and repeatable direct manual focus control.

The lightest in its class
This lens offers outstanding optical quality and autofocus in the world’s lightest 70-200mm F2.8 zoom lens. XD Linear Motors and magnesium alloy barrel components result in an overall weight of just 2.3 lb. (1045 grams); approx. 29% lighter than the previous model. Advanced design improves balance, while a constant barrel length further contributes to easy, agile handling.

Professional control and reliability
Flexible focus control is provided by features such as Full-time DMF (Direct Manual Focus), Linear Response MF, and a focus-range limiter. An aperture ring with switchable clicks and an iris lock provides extra exposure control. MODE 1, 2, and 3 optical image stabilization3 ensure sharp images in different shooting conditions and a dust and moisture resistant design plus fluorine-coated front element maximize reliability in tough environments.

XA element for breathtaking resolution
Superior G Master resolution is achieved throughout the entire 70mm to 200mm zoom range at all focusing distances. Two aspherical lens elements and one XA (extreme aspherical) element manufactured to 0.01-micron surface precision, effectively control distance-related aberration so that outstanding resolution is ensured throughout the image area.

Aberration controlled for superb images
Two spherical elements that use ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, plus two more that use Super ED glass significantly reduce chromatic aberration for sharp reproduction without color bleeding. An ED aspherical element is also used to simultaneously suppress chromatic and spherical aberration that are common issues in telephoto lenses.

Excellent close-up performance
This lens offers excellent close-up performance for a telephoto zoom. Minimum focus is 1.32 ft (0.4 meters) at 70mm and 2.69 ft (0.82 meters) at 200mm. Maximum magnification is 0.3x. Deep bokeh at F2.8 adds extra expressive close-up capability. Floating focus ensures pinpoint sharpness even at minimum focus distance, while inner focus makes it easy to get close.

Stunning G Master bokeh
An XA element manufactured to 0.01 -micron surface precision suppresses onion ring bokeh while precise spherical aberration control boosts bokeh quality. ED (extra-low dispersion) and Super ED spherical glass elements, plus one ED aspherical element, effectively minimize color bleeding for beautiful bokeh without unnatural coloration.

New high-performance aperture unit
Even the aperture unit in this lens has been refined to meet the highest G Master quality standards. A newly developed 11-blade aperture unit that remains almost perfectly circular from wide open to stopped down by two stops helps to deliver the kind of natural-looking circular bokeh users have come to expect from a G Master design.

Nano AR Coating Il for maximum clarity
Sony’s Nano AR Coating II has been developed and evenly applied to large lens elements and highly curved element surfaces to suppress internal reflections to minimize flare and ghosting for clear, crisp imagery. Despite the lens’s complex design, Nano AR Coating II maintains high clarity and contrast throughout the entire image, even in difficult light.

High-performance teleconverters
Optional high-performance 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters extend the lens’s focal length to a maximum of 400mm (600mm on an APS-C body) at F5.6. Full G Master quality is maintained when the teleconverters are in use. Maximum aperture with the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters is F4 and F5.6, respectively.

Designed for refined movie imagery
The latest lens design technology reduces focus breathing, focus shift when zooming, and axis shift when zooming. XD Linear Motors and a newly developed aperture drive unit also contribute to quiet operation, greatly reducing noise and vibration that can interfere with movie recording.

Fast, precise autofocus
This lens works with a series bodies to reliably focus on and smoothly track even fast-moving subjects. Four high-thrust XD Linear Motors and advanced control technology deliver up to 4x faster AF than the SEL70200GM. Focus tracking capability while zooming is improved by approximately 30% compared to the SEL70200GM.

Iris lock stops unwanted exposure shifts
An iris lock switch prevents unwanted exposure changes while shooting. When locked, the aperture is either locked at the [A] position or can be rotated between any of the manual settings from F2.8 to F22. When unlocked, the aperture ring can be rotated between [A] and any of the manual settings without limitation.

The world’s lightest for superior handling
This unique lens offers outstanding optical quality and AF in the world’s lightest 70-200mm F2.8 zoom lens. XD Linear Motors and magnesium alloy barrel components result in an overall weight of just 2.3 lb. (1045 grams); approximately 29% lighter than the previous model. Advanced design improves overall balance and handling.

Versatile manual movie control
Independent control rings for focus, zoom, and iris, allow precise manual operation in movie applications. The aperture ring has a click on/off switch that allows the aperture click switch stops to be turned ON for tactile feedback when shooting stills or OFF for smooth, silent iris control when shooting movies.

Optical image stabilization with three modes
Built-in optical image stabilization makes it easy to shoot sharp images handheld. MODE 1 is for normal use image stabilization while MODE 2 stabilization is optimized for panning shots and MODE 3 emphasizes framing stability when shooting dynamic, unpredictable motion. 5-axis image stabilization becomes available when the lens is mounted on an a body that has in-body image stabilization.

Instant auto/manual focus selection
Instantly and quickly switch between auto and manual focus via an AF/MF switch on the side of the lens. This makes operation faster and easier as you let the camera and lens focus for you or decide to take control and manually focus on the precise point you choose.

Natural, linear manual focus response
Linear Response MF (manual focus) ensures that the focus ring responds directly and linearly to subtle control when focusing manually while shooting stills or movies. Focus ring rotation translates directly to a corresponding change in focus, so control feels immediate and precise when shooting stills or movies.

Full-time DMF supports pinpoint focus
When the Full-time DMF is ON, manual focus is automatically engaged when the focus ring is operated, even in AF-C mode. This is a great way to refine focus after initial autofocus and allows quick correction if autofocus targets the wrong subject. Full-time DMF is not affected by focus-range limiter switch settings.

Focus-range limiter
A focus-range limiter switch (FULL/Infinite-3m) makes it possible to limit AF operation to a predetermined range to maximize AF speed and prevent focusing on unwanted objects.

Dust and moisture resistant design
The dust and moisture resistant design make this lens appropriate for heavy-duty outdoor use providing the reliability needed in challenging conditions by professionals and enthusiasts. Dust and moisture resistance are notably improved compared to the previous model. All seams are sealed, buttons and switches have silicone rubber gaskets, and a rubber ring seals the lens mount. The internal zoom mechanism further resists dust and moisture while maintaining a constant lens barrel length.


Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 Features

  • World’s lightest large-aperture 70-200mm F2.8 telephoto zoom lens
  • F2.8 constant aperture for extraordinary exposure and depth of field
  • Spectacular resolution from XA (Extreme Aspheric) and Aspheric lens elements
  • Suppressed chromatic aberration from Super ED and ED elements
  • ED aspherical lens elements correct spherical and chromatic aberrations
  • Four XD (Extreme Dynamic) linear motors for fast, precise autofocus
  • Nano AR coating II suppresses reflections, flare and ghosting
  • Beautiful bokeh from 11-blade circular aperture and XA lens element
  • Close minimum focusing distance of 1.32 ft at 2.69′ (70mm) at 200mm
  • Dust and moisture resistant for robust reliability
  • Three customizable focus hold buttons
  • Linear Response MF for precise manual focus control
  • Instant auto/manual focus selection via AF/MF switch
  • Front fluorine coating prevents fingerprints, dust, water and oil
  • Built for both worlds: Ideal for still and movie creators
  • Focus, zoom and aperture ring with click on/off function


Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 Specifications

Interchangeable lens
Lens mount
Sony E-mount
35mm full frame
70 – 200mm
35mm equivalent focal-length (APS-C)
105 – 300mm
Lens construction (groups-elements)
14 groups / 17 elements
Angle of view (APS-C)
23 Degree – 8 Degree
Angle of view (35mm)
34 Degree – 12 Degree 30′
Maximum aperture
Minimum aperture
Number of aperture blade
Circular aperture
Minimum focus distance
1.32 – 2.69′ (0.4m – 0.82m)
Maximum magnification ratio
Filter diameter
Image stabilization (SteadyShot)
Optical SteadyShot
Zoom system
Teleconverter compatibility (x1.4)
Teleconverter compatibility (x2.0)
Hood type
Round shape, bayonet type
Yes (soft case)
Tripod mount
Fluorine coating
Mount rubber ring
Full-time DMF ON/OFF
Tripod base screw
1/4″ (2), 3/8″ (0)
ED/Super ED glass (elements)
ED (2), Super ED (2)
Aspherical lens (elements)
Yes (3) (including 1 XA and 1 ED aspherical)
Lens coating
Nano AR Coating II
Focusing type
Internal (floating)
AF actuator
(4) XD Linear
Linear Response MF
Dimensions (Dia x L)
3.5 x 7.8″ (88 x 200mm)
36.9 oz (1045g) (approx.) (Without tripod mount)

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