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Swarovski Optik 10×42 EL Waterproof Roof Prism Binocular with 6.4 Degree Angle of View, Green

Original price was: €2,200.00.Current price is: €1,350.00.

Swarovski Optik 10×50 EL Series Water Proof Roof Prism Binocular with 6.6 Degree Angle of View, Green

Original price was: €2,900.00.Current price is: €2,250.00.
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Swarovski Optik 10×42 NL Pure Waterproof Roof Prism Binocular with 7.6 Degree Angle of View, Green

Original price was: €3,100.00.Current price is: €2,250.00.

About Swarovski Optik NL Pure

One with The Moment
NL Pure – the revolutionary binoculars with the largest field of view to date and barely perceptible edges, without compromising on ergonomics and handling. In other words: Best optics, packed in the smallest possible size. The NL Pure thus provides unprecedented nature experiences.

NL Pure 10×42 W B
See more in every situation. Thanks to its perfect handling and the seemingly endless field of vision, the NL Pure 10×42 becomes even more versatile.

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Quality Management System
To ensure a consistently high quality level in all our products, we subject every product and every phase of production to comprehensive, manual quality controls. Every product also undergoes a full image and material control. Our quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001/2000 since 1999. Our environmental management system has been certified to ISO 14001 since 2000.

Our In-no-va-tions
Our in-house R&D division and numerous patents ensure that we are able to keep surprising you with new innovations, such as:

Automatic Holding Point
It’s never been easier to concentrate on the essential aspects while hunting. The dS automatically displays the correct aiming point, taking into account the distance, air pressure, temperature, and angle.

Unique with Two Eyepieces
The BTX provides you with the most intense viewing experience ever – using both eyes, without any squinting at all. This eyepiece module, the first of its kind in the world, uses the visual power of both eyes. The advantage of this is that the image seems even more natural.

You can observe nature for hours on end with maximum concentration and discover the vital details that will be revealed only over time. Since the binocular system reflects natural vision, the image seems extraordinarily vivid. The excellent SWAROVISION optics allows you to experience every moment in razor-sharp detail. Field flattener lenses flatten the image, making it sharp right to the periphery. Fluoride-containing HD-lenses enhance the color fidelity and reduce interfering color fringing. Eyeglass wearers also fully enjoy the benefit of the large field of view.

10x Zoom
Outstanding field of view, more details. The 10x zoom will ensure that you are excellently equipped for any hunting experience. Many years of effort have gone into the development of this long-range optical masterpiece. It was only thanks to this that the 10x zoom could be implemented in a slim central tube that blends with any hunting firearm in terms of design and weight.

Integrated inclinometer with the uniquely exclusive angle-shot program indicating the correct distance range of angle.

Automatic shut-on and shut-off with inclination sensor for illuminated reticles, optimized electronics for higher battery life.

Ballistic Turret Flex
The ballistic turret flex (BTF) can be configured separately and enables you always to stay on target at the desired distances. If it is used as a top turret, this can compensate for bullet drop. When used as a side turret, it is best suited to windage adjustment or for estimating the lead distance. It is flexible, can be fitted without using any tool, and can be combined with every reticle available. A lock mechanism also prevents you from turning it inadvertently.

The new FLEXCHANGE 4A-IF reticle was specially developed by SWAROVSKI OPTIK for driven hunting. An illuminated ring can be switched on and off with the press of a button.

The SWAROVISION technology redefined the concept of optical quality. Field Flattener lenses provide unprecedented peripheral definition, fluoride-containing HD lenses minimize color fringing, while optimized coatings ensure maximum color fidelity. Large eye relief offering a full field of view for those wearing eye glasses.

Our HD optics feature fluoride-containing lenses, which virtually eliminate color aberrations. The scatter is considerably less with fluoride than with even the best types of optical glass. This enables maximum color fidelity and leads to a significant improvement in resolution and contrast.

It is only when you use a product every day that you can actually see how it works. This is why SWAROVSKI OPTIK continually strives to make improvements to the ergonomic design of its products. The new EL Range with the FieldPro package will impress you not only with its long-range optics and functional aspects, but also with its new accessories.

Simple and Flexible
The new rotating strap connector adapts perfectly to any movement and can be quickly and silently fitted to your binoculars, thanks to the bayonet catch. The innovative cord fits in seamlessly with the design and does not get twisted.

Practical and Adaptable
The new quick catch button is both elegant and functional. With a simple turn, the carrying strap can be secured to your ideal length. This means that you can adjust the strap within seconds to the length that feels most comfortable when you are out in the field.

Safe and Protected
The new objective lens and eyepiece covers are manufactured from the best materials and blend esthetically into the overall design. This means no more lost covers. They also provide your binoculars with the best protection against external impacts.

Distinctive and Accurate
With its particular shape, you can easily feel the new measurement button, even when wearing gloves. The specific pressure point helps you measure the range accurately.

Spring Retention System
The new spring retention system enables the X5/X5i rifle scope to reach a higher adjustment range of up to 116 MOA. The role of the return lever is to ensure constant pressure in each position of the inversion system. This innovation from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is part of the total package guaranteeing maximum precision – a unique system based on absolute perfection.

Modular Design
The new modular design offers previously unimagined flexibility and you are free to choose the perfect solution as the situation dictates. In collaboration with experts we have developed digiscoping adapters that open up a new realm of ways in which to observe and share the most beautiful moments. Perfectly designed down to the smallest detail, you will be equipped for any situation.

FSB Functional Sidebag
The NL Pure binoculars are stored on their side in the new FSB functional sidebag, so they are at your fingertips and ready to use as soon as you reach into the bag.

UCS Universal Comfort Strap
The UCS universal comfort strap prevents fatigue thanks to its ergonomic design and wide neck section. Whatever the weather, your comfort is ensured through the use of performance materials such as mesh, which regulates moisture and provides excellent ventilation. The UCS universal comfort strap is a classic webbing strap that can be quickly and intuitively adjusted to the length you need via a quick-lock clasp on each side. As with the EL series, it is fitted to the binoculars via a bayonet catch. Strap loop connectors (supplied as standard) also make it possible to attach normal straps to the bayonet catch.

Soap & Brush Kit
A soap & brush kit is supplied for cleaning the armoring on the housing. Close the covers on the eyepiece and objective lenses. Moisten the brush and apply the soap using circular movements to gently clean the housing. Then rinse the NL Pure with clear water and dry it carefully. Regular cleaning extends the life of the product.


Swarovski Optik NL Pure Features

  • Automatic Holding Point
  • Unique with Two Eyepieces
  • 10x Zoom
  • Swaroaim
  • Swarolight
  • Ballistic Turret Flex
  • HD-Optics
  • Fieldpro
  • Simple and Flexible
  • Practical and Adaptable
  • Safe and Protected
  • Distinctive and Accurate
  • Spring Retention System
  • Modular Design


Swarovski Optik NL Pure Specifications

Effective objective lens diameter
1.6″ (42mm)
Exit pupil diameter
0.16″ (4.2mm)
Exit pupil distance (eye relief)
Field of view
399′ /1000 yds (133m/1000 m)
7.6 degrees
Field of view for eyeglass wearers
7.6 degrees
Field of view, apparent
70 degrees
Shortest focusing distance
6.6′ (2m)
Dioptric compensation (dpt)
+/- 4
Diopter correction at Infinite (dpt)
Light transmission
Pupil distance
2.2 – 2.9″ (56 – 74mm)
Twilight factor acc. to ISO 14132-1
Functional temperature
-13 Degree F to +131 Degree F (-25 Degree C to +55 Degree C)
Storage temperature
-22 Degree F to +158 Degree F (-30 Degree C to +70 Degree C)
Submersion tightness
13′ (4m) water depth (inert gas filling)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
6.2 x 5.1 x 2.8″ (158 x 131 x 71mm)
30 oz (850g) (approx.)

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